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Hi Kevin
I feel good and happy after my 7 days of time...
No cravings towards junk..
Happy with fruits,veggies n soups...
Also feeling energetic..
I have a question...Can I be on a balanced diet before entering into the 2nd session of GM Diet??? Or will it make me weaker?? As u say there shud be a gap of 2 weeks atleast, I wonder can I include dry fruits during this 2 weeks.
Also, is it fine to do skipping for 20 min everyday
Pls guide me...:) waiting....:rolleyes:

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Skipping is fine. The rule is on this plan do not tear down muscle you have no protein to rebuild. so don't over do it.

balanced to me is the key, however if you can go gluten and sugar free and use good fats you might find you will do great those 2 weeks. look in the after 7 day section here, I posted 2 balanced plans, top 2 posts.
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