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1 week back, I was out for dinner with my mum when I told her that I would be going on this diet for 1 week. I was afraid she would dissuade me. Instead she encouraged me and told me to print out the diet timetable and put it on the refrigerator, so she could make the proper meals for me.

I actively dreaded DAY 1. While I don't dislike fruits, I much rather eat something savoury. But I breezed through it, with a minor headache post lunch. The day passed quickly enough and I decided to sleep early to kill the headache.

DAY 2 was much better in terms of vegetable, which I adore, in any form. The day went smoothly and soon it was DAY 3.

Day 3 was a little bit of a downer. I hadn't had the best day. There were problems, arguments and other unpleasant things which made me depressed. So I cheated to make myself feel better and so I had a McDonalds Meal. I did feel horrible afterwards, so I decided to swim an extra 5 laps the next day and not cheat the rest of the diet.

Day 4 was good. I liked eating bananas and having milk and soup. this is normally a tough day, but I found it easy.

Day 5 was similar to all the other days and i enjoyed eating some meat for a change (I ate grilled fish)

Day 6 was a delicious vegetable pulao that my mom made. I ate it for lunch and dinner

Day 7 I consumed rice and chicken, which was cooked with a little olive oil.

I did not follow the diet to the T, but made some modifications on the way. I will be doing it next time by sticking only to the food suggested.

I realised that I don't feel as hungry as I used to, during the day. I was able to control my food portions and actually enjoyed this diet. People say they loose 4-5 kg's but I lost only 2 k'g. But I'm very happy with this progress. Not everyone has the same body type or potential to loose lots of weight, even if you follow this diet religiously, which you should.

Now I feel conscious of everything I put in my mouth and will try to eat as healthy as possible. I will be doing this diet once a month till I reach my goal weight.

The main reason behind posting this thread is to say thank you. First of all to KEVIN W, for his patience and guidance. There are thousands who ware asking different questions daily, and you have been so patient in answering all our questions. Thank you sir.

Second of all those people who have posted in the forum as well in the comments section, words of encouragement. To those of us who are just starting out, you'll are a huge confidence boost. Thank you.

I started at 81.2 and ended at 79. I hope other people try this and get results. Its truly an easy and fun diet. Thanks everyone. :)

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You did great, I may eat what would be considered a sure a diet as possible but I always did not. I have been in the middle of a diet and caved and went out to eat. I was so sick from it. The junk they likely have in the food, MSG, etc. Now, I realized how amazing I feel when I do eat well. Always hpapy to help anytime you need it :)

Thanks for the kind words....
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