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1st day of diet

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my Question is, that i saw ur detailed diet breakdown in lunch, dinner,breakfast etc. the amount of quantity of fruits are too much for me to consume. Do i need to eat as much as mentioned in diet. Does eating less can fluctuate the results? Please let me know.

Since morning i eat 1 apple, 12-15 pieces of water melon. In dinner i m planning to eat an apple and melon again
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you do no need to eat that much fruit now. However the rest of the plan eating less is not good nor better.
Nice loss. Pure dried herbs and spices are OK. It would all depend on the ingredients.
1) any kind of milk will work.
2) yogurt not sweetened would be OK but lessen the rice in half.
3) Well neither in a sense. White rice is a simple starch, carb. That's it. Brown rice is full on anti-nutrients and difficult form nay people to digest. So in a nutshell white is better.
1) did you have good fat with potato?
2) gas or water retention temporarily can cause a temporary slowing is loss.
3) make sure you have salt, just do not over do it. Do not over drink water nor drink right before or after you eat.
When do you weigh?
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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