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Hello Kevin

I started the GM tpday, my goal is to loose 5 kg in General. Then I must maintain my weight.
I ate lots of cherries, and some Pulms and some apricot and one Kiwi, and some water. Then around 13:00 at work, I understood that I cannot consentrate at all, so I went to a cup of coffe (black without any sugar and Milk).
I know that the Diet is supposed to be Potasium free, and Coffe has a hell of Potesium! Now I am sad I broke the rutine.
But without Coffee , I really cannot work :(

I have some Dizzynees, I guess it must be normal right?
BTW, I keep visiting the rest room very offen today!!!!

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black coffee fine. fruit has water, some are diuretics as is coffee. Potty trips normal. Be careful have black coffee if you need.
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