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Kevin W
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Aug 20, 2019
Mar 20, 2013
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Kevin W


, I am more sold on HIT training as far as health. However yes you can workout some. Sep 30, 2013

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Aug 20, 2019
    1. devgunny
      Hello on day 3 and just 1 kg loss so far! Didn't do anything wrong...but have Cumin tea ( 1.5 tea sp cumin seeds soaked overnight in 2 cups of water and boiled with ginger n cinammon in the morning till water reduces to 1 cup...then strain n add lemon) 2-3 times a day...could that affect losses?
    2. monu
      hello sir just started gm diet , well my routine is till now
      day 1 - fruits only
      day 2- vegetables cabbage capsicum litlle bit boiled and fried
      day 3 1+2
      day 4 morning 2 banana 1 glass milk , afternoon soup ( cabbage capsicum onion tomato little bit fried for 1 min thn boiled )
      day 5( today ) morning boiled chana afternoon white rice curd and boiled chana night boiled chana curd
      i am doing it right till now ??
    3. Shazina
      Hi kevin how much quantity of beef to be consumd during 5th and 6th day..plz reply
    4. anoop
      Hi kelvin,Is it Ok to have green tea on GM diet period?
    5. ALISHA
      hi, i just found u and hope u can help me. I am new on this diet, will start by Monday. Wanted to know can we have egg and protein shake on this diet bcoz i have joined gym and do cardio, zumba and some weight training so need protein powder for that. I don't want to go gym with low stamina and energy. Plz help...
    6. Mohamed Riyazdeen
      Hi Kevin I am Back coz i have gained too much weight from 75 to 110 KG.
    7. THK
      am i on the wrong track??
      should i start all over again ??
      please help Kev
    8. THK
      Kev had a terrible day one. started with an apple for breakfast..than at mid morning had a big glass of fresh orange juice and no sweeteners. Lunch was a bowl of mixed fruits and dinner was same and two small white mangoes at night. i was very hungry. what am i doing wrong????
      day 2 started with a semi boiled and grilled potato with lemon n chillies and than i had a cup of blak coffee with a tsp of sugar ??
    9. Shona
      I am 22 with weight 92 and height 5'7. I have tried Alot of diets but in vain eveytime. This one is actually a blessing for me. Today was my scnd day. Feelng lighter. I jst wnt to ask that cn I cntinue ths diet aftr 2-3 days at the end of 7th day?? Bcoz I need to loose weight early as my sister wedding will be taking place in 2-3 mnths. And I knw if I gave a week or mnth gap I would not be able to continue.
    10. roell buenaventura
      hi KEVIN It has been my second year of the GM diet. it was a great experience. This year, however from day 5-7 there is accompanying loose bowel movements , intermittent diarrhea. it surprised me, is this common during the diet? thanks in advance for your reply - [email protected]
    11. Gaurav
      Hi, good afternoon. I am 5'6.5" tall and 78 Kgs by weight. I am planning to opt for GM diet & I have two queries:
      1) Being a vegetarian I request a alternate sample diet for day 5.
      2) I am preparing for a marathon (July 2015) for that I practice 30 min of jogging 4 days a week with some workout. Is it ok to continue this while observing GM diet.
    12. jai
      Hi Kevin...
      Can a person whose diabetics is well under control,undertake GM diet?
    13. MichaeltuT
    14. rozi
      hai, this is my III day of gm diet. first day bfast melon 2 c water, mid mor 1 apple, lunch melon 2 glass water, afnoon 1 orange 1 c water. diner 1 bowl melon, 2 cup water. II day bf boiled 2 potato(forget butter)2 cup water. mid snack 1 carrot with spinach 1 cup water, lunch beet and carrot with spinach 2 cup water, dinner one bowl of cucumber with 2cup water. it is ok?
    15. isha
      hi pls reply can i have miracle soup in d nite
    16. Natasha
      hey hi...
      I am on the 5th Day today and lost 2 Kg till date.I am strictly following the Diet.
      Please suggest me what to eat on fifth day for vegetarions.Somehow looking at the post i ate 50 Grms of raw cottage cheese in the breakfast.Is this fine to eat or will affect my diet.
      Please also suggest what else to eat on the rest day after having cottage cheese.Also what to eat on 6th and 7 th day.
    17. Kevin W
      , I am more sold on HIT training as far as health. However yes you can workout some.
    18. Kevin W
      Hey Hey...Cold water should be OK, I am not big on long term workouts, long term they have consequences
    19. Aaron Edmonds
      Hey yo Kev mann, a lil help here please.. Can I do proper workouts (cardio,fat burn) while on GM?? And is it ok if I drink cold water??
    20. sumbal
      hello brent. today is my 4th day of the diet plan. i am strictly following it. and doing exercise too. bt still havent lost weight.can u help me
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